Are you a fan of farmhouse style living? Then you’ll love this dreamy white French country style farmhouse by a lovely lady named Maria Carr. Maria is an online boutique owner the author of Dreamy whites. She created her blog and online shop for people who share her love of French country style interiors and aspire to create an authentic french country style look for their own Farmhouse style dwelling.

Maria’s farmhouse style property is situated right in the middle of a horse ranch in California. She lives there with her cowboy husband and five children. All the images come from Dreamy Whites.Maria says, “I have an addiction to painting everything white and I love to decorate with whites.” Her style is about mixing something elegant with something rustic, a look not dictated by trends or the latest styles or materials. This farmhouse style
home is harmonious and laid back chic.

Maria keeps her home simple, relaxed and comfortable. The over-all scheme of white increases the sense of space in the farmhouse style property, natural light bounces off the pale surfaces and by restricting the palette to muted, calm shades, it allows her to combine items that might not sit comfortably together.

Visual interest is provided by a few key pieces of furniture taking centre stage against the neutral backdrop. A hint of sophistication has been added via fabrics and accessories with historical connotations. Maria uses materials, texture and details to introduce shots of colour. These colours are echoed in other details elsewhere in the room.This carefully thought out table arrangement has been put together by going outside and finding the necessary items from nature. Maria has successfully created a fresh, summery mood by using a few simple posies of flowers to create a ravishing focal point. White flowers and single blooms always come across classically beautiful and greenery makes a lovely finishing touch.

The slightly battered, simple, white, chunky wooden table ties the scheme together in this open plan room, and lends warmth and patina to the clean lines elsewhere in the space. Layering different textures and combining a number of different materials, such as metal, wood and linen brings life to this neutral space. Glass jars multiply the natural light sending it bouncing around the room.Sunning table decoration on a dining table in a french style farmhouseIn any home, you should only display things you really love. The fireplace makes a perfect focal point. Maria has a carefully thought out and deliberately uncluttered display of pieces sitting on her mantelpiece. She has teamed the lampshade with dried flowers and antiqued hard-back books. These add interest and romance. Notice all Maria’s flowers have been loosely and artlessly thrown together.Maria sees beauty in imperfection. Old and shabby furniture means one thing…beauty. ‘Unrestoring’ furniture is more authentic and real. This pretty well-loved, scuffed, antique linen cupboard functions well. Sometimes if you can’t see things, you forget they are there. The open wire mesh stops this from happening and the tongue and grove on the inside gives an instant country feel to this farmhouse.Maria has been collecting antique European linen for years. They give her home an authentic feel. Linen, which is often beautifully embroidered or monogramed can be transformed into cushions, pillows or serviettes. Maria has used her antique linen to re-upholster a chair, make slip covers for her sofa and to cover a lampshade.

In the bedrooms, discarded fruit crates are both warming and fun. Walls and floors are pale and interesting to offset furniture, fabric and accessories. An old chest of drawers is given extra romance with a clutch of pretty pieces arranged on top.White on white vintage textiles makes both an elegant and subtle impact. Maria has piled white bed linen in a variety of different textures to stop it looking clinical.Maria’s ability to eliminate the unnecessary in order to see the necessary makes this home so special. It has a certain charm that comes from not being contrived or manufactured. I hope you’ve enjoyed Maria’s home as much as we have.

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